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Monday, 31 August 2009

Cost of investigation and disciplinary process re senior council officers

A Freedom of Information request has been made to Wirral Borough Council:

Under the terms of the FOIA could I ask for details of the total costs incurred by the council in investigating two senior officers of the Department of Adult Social Services, described as 'Employee A' and 'Employee B', which culminated in disciplinary hearings earlier this year.

I would request that specific details be given of:

1. the amount paid to the 'independent investigator' who undertook the investigation.

2. any legal fees associated with the investigation

The Council has until 29 September 2009 to respond.



Thursday, 27 August 2009

Special Meeting - Audit and Risk Management Meeting

Wirral Council

23 Sep 2009 6.00 pm
Special Meeting

Audit and Risk Management Committee

23 Sep 2009 7.30 pm - Audit and Risk Management Committee

It seems one and a half hours have been allocated for the Special Meeting, presumably replacing the meeting postponed from 1st September.

One and a half hours. Such optimism.


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Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Wirral Borough Council

The Audit & Risk Management Committee meeting scheduled for 1st September has been postponed.


There is one topic on the Agenda: Adult Social Services - Charging Policy

What is going on here?


Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Whistleblowers....number and amounts paid, source of funds

J Locker has responded to Wirral Council's reply

My original question did not mention "illegal behaviour" which makes your response a little confusing.

However can I refer you to the
minutes of the Audit and Risk Management Committee

What is beyond dispute is that the individual responsible for the actual ‘Whistleblowing’ is a former employee of the AdultSocial Services Department who had been actively involved with the case in question. This individual had expressed concerns to management on a number of occasions regarding systems in operation within the Department and the handling of this case.

5.3.4. A compromise agreement that included a confidentiality clause was prepared and agreed by the Individual, the Adult SocialServices Department, Legal & Member Services and Human Resources. TheHead of Human Resources stated that this type of agreement, whilstnot being commonplace, has been utilised by the Council on a numberof occassions [sic] in certain circumstances where irrecoverable differences are in evidence

Could you also confirm that the "Whistleblower" was paid the £45K quoted in the Press. It is that sum, before or after tax deductions, which I referred to when I asked from which sector offunding the payments were where in my copy of theCouncil's Audited Accounts will I find the entry ?
Many thanks
Yours sincerely,
J Locker



Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Whistleblowers....number and amounts paid, source of funds

Wirral Council has responded to the Freedom of Information request below

Good Afternoon,

Thank you for your request for information below.

Wirral Council is not aware that they have ever made a payment to an employee, in return for that employee promising not to report to the appropriate authorities any concerns he/she might have, as to alleged illegal behaviour either by the Council or by anyone connected with theCouncil.

If you could clarify for me what you mean by "paid off" please, if the response above has not answered your question.

Kind Regards
Jane Corrin
Information Manager
Wirral Council



Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Staff suspensions

Freedom of Information Request:

Dear Sir or Madam,

Last year MBC announced 2 senior members of staff had
been suspended from work pending internal investigations over the
retention of supported living funds of people with learning
difficulties. Could you please tell me the outcome of the
investigation and what action, if any, was taken againt the
suspended staff


Dave Rimmer

The response by Wirral Metropolitcan Borough Council:

Good Morning,
The acting head of legal services at Wirral has reviewed the
response you were given to this enquiry in full and is satisfied that the answer is factually correct and appropriate.
The Council believes, because of the very small numbers of staff
involved, it is difficult, if not impossible to detail the actions taken
to date and not identify the post holder/s and therefore the
individual/s concerned. I am sorry on this occasion I am unable to
supply the information to you.
Kind Regards