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Friday, 11 September 2009

Stop the clock!

It seems that Wirral Council can stop the clock when it comes to FOI requests! The latest exchange between Kane [sic] Corrin and J Locker is as follows:
If the Public Body seeks clarification of the FOI request, as I have done on Wirral's behalf; the Clock stops on the request until the clarification is received. I received your clarification on 10 September 2009 regarding exactly what you meant by "paid off" and your request is now being processed.
I am therefore unable to request an internal review for you in relation to your request.
Kind Regards
Kane Corrin
to which J Locker has responded:

Many thanks for you reply. My request for an internal enquiry was based on standard practice used with regard to FOIA requests and upon advice received from

However I am more than happy that you now seek a little more time to answer my enquiry , in full , as obviously you are now satisfied you understand what "paid off" means.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Will these difficult questions be answered after all? Has the Council run out of excuses not to answer them? Has Wirral Informaion Manager sought advice from a higher legal authority?

Stand by for the next thrilling installment of - cue drum roll - Whistleblowers....number and amounts paid, source of funds, an everyday story of Council folk.



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