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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Comments on the above story published in the Wirral Globe

glenn, moreton, says...
10:19am Wed 20 Jan 10

An absolutely amazing story of cover-ups at the highest level of social services - and STILL no punishment for the real perpetrators who keep what should be untenable positions after these revelations - and STILL the council refuses to fully re-imburse the victims - and STILL the director of law threatening Mr Morton if he discloses the full extent of the cover up to the public. Absolutely shocking and extremely worrying that vulnerable people are still being dealt with by the same people who have been ripping them off for YEARS.
The whistle-blower has been very courageous in pursuing this despite the detriment to his own health and financial security - ultimately losing his job over it while the real criminals get away not only with their over-charging but the bullying and intimidation they have subjected Mr Morton to. Disgraceful.
I encourage Mr Morton to continue to do the right thing and weed out the people who are infecting the social services department(and anyone else who may be implicated) - despite the director of law's outrageous threats.

Spiffy, Wallasey says...
11:54am Wed 20 Jan 10

I wonder what would happen if Everyone who has ever witnessed Anything iffy going on within the council reported it. Could they REALLY destroy SO many people's lives - quietly ?
What really goes behind those closed doors ? How bad is it really ?

glenn, moreton, says...
1:16pm Wed 20 Jan 10

Thanks for the link Paul. It certainly seems like the reason for such vehemence to cover-up this issue is down to back room deals with care home contractors who perhaps are friends of council officers??? I wonder!! It wouldn't surprise me. Perhaps this could be a line of investigation for someone? The results could be startling.

Natasha Eubank, Oxton says...
1:25pm Wed 20 Jan 10

Only in a very distorted and disturbed mind could someone claim that the Whistleblowing system in Wirral Council actually works. This issue took 9 YEARS to be addressed (and despicably addressed by elected members) and only because it was referred to the Audit Commission. It cost one man his job, his health and his quality of life. It continues to be down-played by elected members and senior Council Officers - So I would like to make an open request to Councillor Steve Foulkes to respond via this web-page (Even if he doesn't read this site, I'm convinced some of the other Labour miscreants do - Perhaps they can draw his attention to this request?) and state how he feels the Whistleblowing system has been effective in this matter? I mean seriously Steve, what planet do you inhabit? Judging by the events during your tenure as Leader, you have demonstrated a spectacular contempt for Wirral Council and I speculate that you are not necessarily the sharpest tool in the shed, but to claim that the Whistleblowing system works........I mean seriously, it's not even intelligent 'spin' is it? It's just plain ill-advised and unbelievably dim.....Do us all a favour Steve and just go, go and attend your football matches and leave Local Authority administration to those who have a semblance of integrity and intelligence

Natasha Eubank, Oxton says...
1:38pm Wed 20 Jan 10

Apologies - "Judging by the events during your tenure as Leader, you have demonstrated a spectacular contempt for Wirral Council" - Clearly this should read "a spectacular contempt for Wirral Residents" - Perhaps I have contracted the same condition that affects Foulkes..........

Ivorromaleyn, New Brighton says...
3:54pm Wed 20 Jan 10

I have already asked the Queen to send a signal on our behalf as she is the only one in the Kingdom who might be allowed to practice common sense rather than PC.
Please forward this artical and comment to Her Majesty at Buckingham Palace. \writing Comments in the Globe is not enough it seems to me.
Perhaps Her Majesty will ask the Audit Commision to comment on this case?
I would love to be present at thwe audiance.
Come on now, copy and print then post.

hugo2008, Wirral says...
4:37pm Wed 20 Jan 10

If this appalling issue involving some of the least able to defend themselves in our community is not resolved before the next election, either National for MPs or indeed local for Councillors.
Please do not vote for any candidate who has been in power for any longer than 12 months. This will eradicate all the parasites who have invested Wirral with this terrible corruption. All of them have either known about it or should have known about it and failed miserably to do anything about the whole diabolical affair. As for the Executive Officers employed by the Council and paid by you and me, at every opportunity remind them and mention the sheer disgrace this has brought to Wirral.

Veridici, Wirral says...
7:20pm Wed 20 Jan 10

Ivorromaleyn, I suspect Her Majesty is constitutionally prevented from acting, but that does not stop us from doing so, does it?

Helen A, bromborough says...
7:27pm Wed 20 Jan 10

Excellent article Martin! You should be very proud of yourself as you are obviously a very intelligent and principled man who has put your qualities to good use. I wish the same could be said for the many adversaries you have single handedly defeated in your fight for justice. Laughable really to think that despite their best efforts, the full might and power of the Council has not managed to shut you up. The past few years cannot have been easy for you and I would like to thank you on behalf of the good, law abiding citizens of Wirral who applaud what you have done. Who knows, one day I may recognise you in the street and be able thank you personally. May you and your wife now reap the peace of mind and untroubled sleep that you so richly deserve; unlike, I hasten to add, all those who have tried to silence you, and whose burdens of guilt must secretly weigh very heavily indeed; especially at night

MX, Wirral says...
8:20pm Wed 20 Jan 10

It's quite obvious now why this took so long and so much effort to get in the public domain as dozens of people seem to be implicated in this debacle and they've all been covering each others backs.
At times, it appears that the only people who didn't know what was going on were the cleaning staff at Westminster House (no I take that back from what I hear the cleaning staff at Westminster House know a thing or two!).

glenn, moreton, says...
8:22pm Wed 20 Jan 10

veridici, was it not cllr pat williams who made a ruling against an independent inquiry after heeding one of the implicated's(john webb's) proclamation that there was no need for any investigation? Is this not malfeasance in public office? (She knew all about the over-charging and overlooked it because one of the accused told her to!)

Merseymouth, Wallasey says...
10:38pm Wed 20 Jan 10

If I stole a quarter (half?) a million pounds or committed fraud that netted the same, I would expect to go to jail.

Why are the police not investigating or am I missing something?

Spiffy, Wallasey says...
10:54pm Wed 20 Jan 10

MM the simple answer is that as an ordinairy citizen you would not be a part of a very intricately tangled web therefore much much easier to deal with without affecting anyone else along the line.

piggymalone, wirral says...
11:24pm Wed 20 Jan 10

Would it be pertinent of me to add
Bill Norman?

And on another point, why have the tories not spoken out on this matter.

lordthomas, birkenhead says...
12:44am Thu 21 Jan 10

as council tax payers,is there no way we can have bill norman sacked or removed from his post if we dont want him working for us.
He himself knows the answer but will not dare tell anyone will you bill I know you will be reading this.
we have other legal reps on the council they should speak up to advise us as to what moves we can take.
we can change things at the next election vote only for independants standing in your area.and any new independants who stand against this corrupt group of low life.
lets hope the inquiry ito bullying takes on board the threats bill norman has implied and make payment to martin for all his loss and all future loss of income

water1lily, spital says...
8:45am Thu 21 Jan 10

wirral dass is totally unfit for purpose i would like to see a petition for a public enquiry not just into the charging fiasco but the whole department.They are causing untold misery across wirral to the very people they are paid to help.They have placed my handcapped son with a known violent co-tenant who has assaulted him and his visitors.The case is with the ombudsman who they have fed a tissue of lies.wirral refuse to provide a budget so that my son can move from this dangerous situation I have been told not to e-mail the director
uk as he doesn't want to know.Perhaps others would like to tell him what they think of his department

piggymalone, wirral says...
9:48am Thu 21 Jan 10

Would it be of any benefit to try and get this story in the national press?

Marleys Ghost, Wirral says...
11:33am Thu 21 Jan 10

It is an absolute disgrace that, even though these matters have been brought before the Audit and Risk Management Committee, the council continue to delay and minimise the total payment due to these people. This can only be causing Mr. Morton and his family further distress. If the council really are sorry for what they have done and want to make amends to the Morton family for what they have put them through, then I suggest that they start by paying back the full amount that is due to the tenants that they have financially abused.
This should never have been a fight for one man to be committed to; where are the independent advocates for those who have been abused? Why hasn't there been a full independent inquiry into these events? Surely the only way that Wirral can now minimise the damage to the reputation of the authority is for it to finally face the truth and do what is right. Failing that I hope top see them all voted out of office at the next election so that proper redress may be made by the new regime.

Leigh Marles, says...
11:33am Thu 21 Jan 10

We've removed some comments from this thread because they were making libellous and/or criminal allegations stated as fact.
Please keep your comments to personal opinions or dicussion without making personal attacks, otherwise we will be unfortunately forced to close the comments this thread.
Thanks for your co-operation.
Leigh Marles, Editor

minimad69, Birkenhead says...
11:34am Thu 21 Jan 10

Well Done Martin.
Another excellent example of how WBC and certain senior officers of the council, now think it is OK to operate on our behalf - with random, ill thought out belligerence.
They will only 'do the right thing' if forced to by the trheat of censure or removal from office (see also Wirral Libraries!).
When did they become so arrogant and useless - I have fond memories of when this administration achieved things years ago - now I wouldn't trust them to go to a shop for a pint of milk !!!!!

Spiffy, Wallasey says...
12:20pm Thu 21 Jan 10

Leigh, I have not stated anything as fact. I have reiterated information easily available elsewhere. I also question how the provision of names of anyone involved in this particular matter even vaguely resembles an allegation of any sort. Perhaps you could enlighten me ?
Dear readers, this is exactly how secrecy is perpetuated and the Globe has no choice but to obey laws in abundance to keep the press and us quiet. I suppose we can not blame them for fearing the consequences.
Fortunately this website is not the only resource on the internet should anyone care to google and quietly read about the people running this council.
As you can see it is best not to repeat what you know but knowledge is power - so they say. I do hope that someone is able to figure out a way to use this knowledge to stop blatant abuse of vulnerable people by those who are very well paid out of our own pockets to care for and protect them.

Spiffy, Wallasey says...
12:22pm Thu 21 Jan 10

Oh actually, in reiterating information easily available elsewhere I may have breached copyright.
See, there is a law for everything and lots and lots to keep people quiet.
... words are : talk-even

MX, Wirral says...
12:51pm Thu 21 Jan 10

Clearly someone "in the know" is reading the posts then.
I don't see how a list of random names is libellous.However the situation simply invites speculation.
Have Care Quality Commission been involved?.
Is this the reason the Council got a redflag from Central Government for failings in their safeguarding of vulnerable adults?.
Is everything just going to carry on as if nothing has happened?.
So many questions,so few answers.
Full independent enquiry please.

Spiffy, Wallasey says...
1:05pm Thu 21 Jan 10

The silence emanating from anyone at all who has authority over the council is deafening. (Is that libellous since it's true ? )

piggymalone, wirral says...
1:20pm Thu 21 Jan 10

Oooooops, do I hear the ruffling of feathers in the corridors of power.
More like the blind panic is making the feathers fly, and not before time.
I hope the guilty ones ( and they know who they are as well as we do) suffer twice as many sleepless nights as you put Martin Morton and his wife through and then prosecuted for malfeasance in public office when we hope you suffer many more sleepless nights in prison and dont think complaining to the Wirral Globe will save you from your deserved fate.

glenn, moreton, says...
1:30pm Thu 21 Jan 10

one of my comments regarding the lack of action over this by the council leader has been removed

Veridici, Wirral says...
1:37pm Thu 21 Jan 10

piggymalone, I hardly think you can castigate the Tories - after all, Simon Mountney was the only councillor of any colour to find this case shocking enough to devote a great many hours to it.

Regarding comments, I do find the censorship of non-libellous material rather worrying. Of course the Globe is a commercial organisation, so is open to what could be seen as blackmail from outside parties. However, as someone else has already pointed out, there are alternatives available to those who wish to make comments, if you Google 'Veridici' and 'blowingthewhistle'. Of course the usual laws on copyright, decency and libel are maintained there.

TheLooseCannon, Wirral says...
2:03pm Thu 21 Jan 10

Leigh, instead of deleting whole messages could you not just remove any names of individuals you believe have been libelled - allegedly?
And why has this newspaper not taken the initiative to start a campaign for an independent inquiry? You know how powerful the press can be - why are you not using it?
Leigh, instead of deleting whole messages could you not just remove any names of individuals you believe have been libelled - allegedly? .... And why has this newspaper not taken the initiative to start a campaign for an independent inquiry? You know how powerful the press can be - why are you not using it?

Veridici, Wirral says...
2:10pm Thu 21 Jan 10

glenn, no, it was the former Director of DASS, Kevin Miller, who told Pat Williams there was no need for an inquiry - of any sort.

PaulCa, Wallasey says...
2:16pm Thu 21 Jan 10

Leigh, the Globe's opinion is clear. You've accepted the Council's admission that their own behaviour was "unlawful" in your reports. So the next phase will be attributing that to the persons involved, who currently prefer to remain anonymous - hopefully via a legal process.***Ok, it would be unwise to apply the 'criminal' or 'illegal' terms to named individuals, but many posters here are taking their lead from the Globe. Now that a partial admission of fault has been made, they feel fully vindicated in using these words to describe the collective behaviour resorted to over a ten year period. The Council are still claiming to have behaved in accordance with their policies (bit of a contradiction) and to have drawn a line under it. But this doesn't stack up, and in all likelihood, there is a risk that the unlawful activity will continue into the future and further matters may become concealed. Stay committed, don't waver, and stand shoulder to shoulder with Martin. You are in a very strong position and have them on the run.

TheLooseCannon, Wirral says...
2:32pm Thu 21 Jan 10

You're absolutely right to say the Council is 'on the run', PaulCa. Actually, I think 'panic mode' could well be nearer the truth.....DASS will not be helped by a ruling from the Local Government Ombudsman who appears to be nearing the conclusion of his investigation into my long-running complaint against DASS and its Directors, past and present
All they needed to have done over the last ten years was to treat vulnerable people with respect, decency, compassion, and fairness, and all this would have been avoided.

piggymalone, wirral says...
2:44pm Thu 21 Jan 10

Veridici, I hope I did not castigate the tories as I am well awre of the actions taken by Cllr Mountney and Fraser. I am just a little surprised they have made no comments unless of course their attitude is that they do not want to make political gain out of this sorry mess. If that is the case, I think they shoulld say as much.Spiff, I did try and PM you but the system is not working. I dont know if there is any significane in that or it is just co-incidence.Veridici, I hope I did not castigate the tories as I am well awre of the actions taken by Cllr Mountney and Fraser. I am just a little surprised they have made no comments unless of course their attitude is that they do not want to make political gain out of this sorry mess. If that is the case, I think they shoulld say as much. Spiff, I did try and PM you but the system is not working. I dont know if there is any significane in that or it is just co-incidence.

Spiffy, Wallasey says...
2:46pm Thu 21 Jan 10

It is my non-libellous and factually based opinion that blackmailing Mr Morton to keep quiet about how they treated him - in threatening to halt the investigation into his bullying - is absolutely disgusting....I also query its legality. I would like to know which law exactly prevents him from speaking out. I suspect the threat is not based on law but a well-founded fear of the truth getting out too quickly to too many people. ...But that is JUST my opinion.

Spiffy, Wallasey says...

2:48pm Thu 21 Jan 10

Piggy, I checked my messages and got the following:..."InformationPrivate messaging has been disabled on this board."...I invite you to draw your own conclusions as I could not possibly speculate.

Spiffy, Wallasey says...
2:49pm Thu 21 Jan 10

I wonder............when does the bookburning start ?

Merseymouth, Wallasey says...
4:01pm Thu 21 Jan 10

Have a heart guys, a former editor was hauled over the coals many years ago for daring to question the Council re its subsidised private bar at the town hall.Threats of taking away advertising etc I understand, so it is not new. Fact!

Veridici, Wirral says...
4:19pm Thu 21 Jan 10

So, Merseymouth, is it your personal opinion that Wirral Council does not believe in free speech? ...It's my personal opinion that certain officers previously named on this board, are a bunch of shysters and should be brought to justice
It's my personal opinion that everyone who cares about this should contact their local councillor and explain to them just how badly you believe the Council is behaving....Perhaps you could also explain that it is your opinion that they are not worthy of licking Mr Morton's boots, let alone being voted back into office
it could just concenrate a few minds

Spiffy, Wallasey says...
4:19pm Thu 21 Jan 10

MM no one blames the editor, me least of all. Just having some non-libellous fun at the council's expense. Purely out of curiosity..have you read Fahrenheit 451 ? :)

piggymalone, wirral says...
4:54pm Thu 21 Jan 10

I googled "veridici" as his site might allow us to shame the individual lying, crooks involved and guess what came up
Cllr. Pat Williams, Oxton says... 1:12pm Tue 1 Dec 09
It would be appreciated if Verdici could provide me with the evidence to justify the assertion above. I have always sought to protect the vulnerable in our community and to act with integrity and will continue to do so.
In addition, although I am only too well aware of my own shortcomings, I can sleep in my bed with a clear conscience. Regarding the SAR; I made my opposition to it very clear to colleagues from the start.
As a loyal Liberal Democrat all that I agreed to was that the people of Wirral should be consulted on the proposals in the consultants report. Throughout and since the limited consultation process I have remained consistent in my opposition and what is more - been penalised for it. However, I remain a true Liberal Democrat."
I think I have, in one of the posts above, hoped that complicant parties suffer many more sleepless nights than Martin Morton and his wife have suffered, Cllr Williams, as you state above, you will not be suffering any sleepless nights, your conscience is clear as you have always sought to protect the vulnerable and act with integrity.
Hmmmmmmmm is that so!

Veridici, Wirral says...
5:11pm Thu 21 Jan 10

I'm delighted you found interesting material on Blowing the Whistle, piggymalone....I did indeed provide Pat Williams with the proof she requested, and I don't think she has posted again, although I may be wrong....By the by, your comment has been approved and published.

MX, Wirral says...
6:19pm Thu 21 Jan 10

I am heartened in this era of cynicism and political apathy that people are engaged in a righteous cause and are making alliances based not on political affiliations or self -interest but for justice,the common good and the protection of disabled people.Keep on making those connections.

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  1. The Globe are begining to p*ss me off with their removal of posts. I do not think there was one allegation or name that cant be proved, especially by Martin Morton. I think veridici has in the past been suspicious that the Globe can be blackmailed, frightened, threatened or whatever else you may like to call it, into submission and I am begining to think he is right

  2. He is right. And the chances are that unless enough members of the public get behind Martin Morton while he is in a position of strength, the crooks will take heart, feel vindicated in their actions, regroup and go on the offensive again.

  3. I can assure you wholeheartedly that the Globe is not being blackmailed, frightened, threatened or anything else.

    We're merely being responsible publishers in respect of contributors' comments.

    Let's get this straight:

    Has there been complaints about some comments? Yes.

    Were all those complaints legitimate? No.

    Have we nevertheless caved in and removed all comments complained about? No. Not by any means.

    Believe me, it is much easier running an anonymous blog with an 'anything goes' policy on comments. But we simply do not have that luxury.

    And it was the Globe, remember, that Martin came to when he felt there was no other avenue left to turn. We've subsequently publicised his grievances ever since and will continue to do so with neither fear nor favour - and Veridici will no doubt carry on copying and pasting them here, which we're quite content about.

    I think people expect the Globe to 'take a position' but I'm afraid that is not our job as a local newspaper.

    Our job - which I believe we do well - is to lay out the facts, many of them unpalatable to the so-called great and the good, and let our readers make their own minds up....

    Which evidentally they are doing!

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    News Editor
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